PETITION: Get serious about climate, Scott Morrison!

Last year, the United States, United Kingdom, and dozens of other countries strengthened efforts to tackle the climate crisis... Australia was not among them. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused to strengthen Australia's 2030 target at the COP26 summit in Glasgow. His government decided to stick with the weak target set by Tony Abbott way back in 2015a meagre 26 percent reduction this decade. 

The Morrison government signed the Glasgow Climate Pact which requires countries who haven't yet strengthened their 2030 targets to do so for the COP27 in Egypt this November.

The government seemingly walked away from the international agreement when it stated that Australia's 2030 target is fixed and ruled out any increase in ambition. 

It's time for PM Scott Morrison to be clear with global leaders and the Australian community... It's time for the Federal government to get serious about the climate crisis.


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The Hon. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, 

Communities across Australia have shown incredible resolve by rebuilding after climate-fuelled bushfire and leadership by shifting to renewable energy sources. 

Communities are looking to the Federal government to join them in taking the climate crisis seriously.

Strong climate and energy policies will create jobs, new industries, and help prevent worsening impacts. 

We urge you, Prime Minister, to: 

  1. Uphold the Glasgow Climate Pact and take an increased 2030 Emissions Reduction Target to COP27 in Egypt.

  2. Adopt a science-based target to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent by 2030.

  3. Legislate the target of net-zero emissions by 2050.

A commitment to these positive initiatives would give Australians hope as the impacts of global warming become more evident.

If the Federal government fails to strengthen its climate and energy policies, then Australians risk missing out on good jobs and new industries. It will leave communities exposed to intensifying bushfires, extreme weather, and rising seas. 

Communities across the country deserve national leadership on climate. Will you deliver?