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Food sovereignty − No Multinationals! − Mt Nancy Town Camp Campaign

The campaign address both social justice and environmental sustainability and focuses on the environmental and social impacts of mining, forestry, hydroelectric and agrobusiness companies on Indigenous communities both in Australia and Latin America. This campaign demands that mining, forestry ,hydroelectric and agrobusiness multinational companies leave indigenous land and that Indigenous people’s rights to self-determination and autonomy in their territories is respected and protected.

Indigenous world views are largely neglected in debates around social change, the impact of globalisation and climate change. However, Indigenous peoples have long histories of resistance, and differing models of social organisation and ways to protect homelands.

Mapuche-Aboriginal Struggles for Indigenous Land (MASIL) Project

The MASIL Project aims to initiate and drive a cultural and historic exchange between Mapuche Indigenous communities in Chile/Argentina and First Nations peoples in Australia.

The two main goals of this project are:

·         To establish face to face exchange and dialogue and build links between Indigenous communities fighting for their rights and lands.

·         To document all the work that is carried out and to produce a documentary of approximately 50-60 minutes duration, for distribution in Australia and internationally

By bringing together indigenous communities, we can start to build the bridges that will create a constructive dialogue between peoples, and share not only knowledges and experiences, but work together to continue the protection of the environment.

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