Major gifts - investing in our work

Friends of the Earth Australia is largely supported by individual members and supporters, plus philanthropic funding.

In recent years, major donors have started to support our work – with incredible impacts on our work and effectiveness.

A major single donor trusted our proposal for a national campaign to raise the issue of nanotechnology and possible human health and environmental impacts of this emerging – and largely unregulated – technology. Nine years on, from the platform we have built with the nanotechnology project, we have become the Emerging Tech Project. We will be the only civil society group in Australia working on a suite of powerful and often risky emerging technologies and will take advantage of our global links and the influence gained from our work on nanotechnology.

Nothofagus, Mt Toorongo, VICAfter the Victorian government introduced regressive wind energy policy in 2011, four donors decided to support our work as we launched the ‘Yes 2 Renewables’ project. FoE is now the key environmental group in the state working in the realm of wind energy.

In Victoria, two people decided to support our new campaign against coal seam gas (CSG) and new ‘greenfields’ coal mining. In 2011, we put CSG ‘on the map’ in Victoria, and played a key role in 6 exploration permits for CSG and coal being ‘surrendered’ because of community concerns. Since then, FoE has built and lead a growing campaign that has seen more than 25 communities declare themselves coal and gasfield free. We have achieved a ban on the use of dangerous BTEX chemicals in drilling and a moratorium on the process of hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') in gas drilling operations.

And in Queensland and NSW, a major donor allowed us to employ a campaigner to provide support to the emerging Lock the Gate (LTG) Alliance. FoE campaigner Drew Hutton is the president of LTG, which is building an un-precedented alliance of farmers and other land owners and environmental campaigners who are campaigning to resist the threats posed by CSG.

Please support our work

FoE prides itself on being a grassroots but nationally networked environmental organisation. It is also remarkably frugal, meaning that the vast majority of funds received go directly into campaigning. We managed to put CSG ‘on the map’ in Victoria in 2011, and the whole campaign took a campaigners wage and $2,730 in direct costs.

You can direct which campaign the funds go to or give a general donation to FoE Australia or a local group. Please check the campaigns page for direct contacts of our key campaigners.

We can provide you with detailed proposals and budgets for all our major campaign work.

There are many ways you can be kept informed about how your contribution has supported our work.

Campaigns requiring funding

May 2013: Friends of the Earth Pesticides and Drinking Water project. Details here.

Feb 2013: help stop an open cut gold mine in western Victoria. Minimum $6,000 needed. Details here.

  • Murray Darling campaign
  • Nanotechnology project - to donate check here.
  • National campaign against CSG and new coal - you can support this project here.
  • Wandoan coal case (QLD)
  • Yes 2 renewables project - you can support this project here.
  • Nuclear campaign - donate here.

To provide a general donation to FoE Australia, please check here.

We can provide a full campaign brief on any of these projects, please just get in touch.

Find out more

You can check our annual reports, which are available here, or talk directly with our national campaigners – details are here, or contact the FoE Australia national liaison officer, Cam Walker 0419 338 047, [email protected]

We can provide a full campaign plan and budget for each of these projects.

You can donate directly here.