An open letter from the Senior Traditional Owner of the Mirrar People of Kakadu, Ms Yvonne Margarula

November 7, 2001

Since the election of the Howard Coalition Government in 1996 the Mirrar People of Kakadu have fought to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine from going ahead. Jabiluka is part of our traditional country. It is part of us and we say no to mining. We have taken our fight across Australia and the world and many people have heard our call and supported us. We are still fighting to protect our country, culture and sacred sites.

All political parties except the Coalition have said they will work to stop the Jabiluka mine. At every step along the way the Coalition Government has tried to bend us or break us to get the mine. They have listened to the mining company but they have never listened to us. We still say no.

Everyone has big issues and will vote for many different reasons. When you vote, remember that your vote can also help us. All Australians will be better off if we look after Kakadu.

Yours sincerely,

Yvonne Margarula
Mirrar Senior Traditional Owner
Chairperson, Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation