Australian Activists Amongst 10 Still Held In Maximum Security Us Prison For Star Wars Protest

July 18, 2001

Australian Activists Amongst 10 Still Held In Maximum Security Us Prison For Star Wars Protest

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Activists are still being held in brutal and unnecessary conditions by the US Government for their peaceful attempt to stop the latest Star Wars Missile test.

10 of the 17 protestors involved in the Stop Star Wars court case may be forced to stay in prison until their trial.

Two Australians, Stuart Lennox from Tasmania and Nic Clyde from New South Wales are still being held in maximum security federal prison in California after appearing shackled and chained in court yesterday.

The charges against all the defendants are:
Conspiracy to violate a safety zone, a Class D felony charge and carries a minimum 5 years jail term, and a maximum ten years jail. It could also carry a fine of up to $250,000. Either could be imposed singly or jointly.
Failure to adhere to commander's instructions is a Class A misdemeanour and carries a maximum one year jail term and a maximum $5,000 fine.

Both sentences can run consecutively.

The U.S. government attorney has filed an appeal against Mondays ruling which had allowed all the defendants bail, but with restrictions put on their movements and their passports seized.

The prosecution has not made clear the grounds for the appeal, but had previously indicated they believed there was a chance that if they were released they would leave the country.

The motion is due to be heard tomorrow (Thursday 19th July) at 10.00am (PDT), and if it is granted then all may be kept in federal jail until their trial.


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