Build a Lifeboat to save the Climate Treaty!

July 5, 2001

Come to Bonn on July 21!
Build a Lifeboat to save the Climate Treaty!

From July 16 to 27, Bonn, Germany: World leaders will meet for the UN climate negotiations. In Bonn they will decide if the Kyoto Protocol, the world's only binding agreement to reduce CO2 emissions, will survive, or if they will let political inaction cause climate disaster.

July 21st, Bonn, Germany:
Friends of the Earth invites thousands of people to build a giant climate RESCUE BOAT with their messages from around the world, a symbol telling politicians and the media: DON'T SINK THE CLIMATE TREATY!

EVERYONE'S WELCOME to participate in this colossal action - watch out for a bus going from your area (see website) or make your own way there, and bring a wooden plank (1m x 10cm) to add to the boat, with your personal message to the politicians written on it! (To create a "sea of people" around the boat, we ask people to dress in blue.)

We will all construct the Lifeboat together in the middle of Bonn (the boat will be 30 meters long!)! We will pull the boat through Bonn to the conference centre, where it will stay for the rest of the negotiations. We will provide you with free overnight accommodation, cheap food and a great party on Saturday night.

Buses are already planned from Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland.

If you want to organise a bus yourself, please let us know. We can also offer some financial assistance for the organisation of buses: danie[email protected]


But your message can! Simply send us your message -- via the web or normal mail (or why not on a thin piece of wood?). All messages received in time will be used to construct and decorate the Lifeboat.

For action details, info on buses, or for mailing your messages go to: