Coalition Environment Policy A Disappointment

November 2, 2001

National environmental group, Friends of the Earth Australia, was surprised and disappointed by today's statement on the environment by the Prime Minister.

"The Coalition has consistently rated poorly on its environmental track record since its election in 1996, and this long awaited announcement was an opportunity to address the issue of environmental sustainability seriously. A visionary policy would have been greeted with praise by environmental organisations, yet today┬╣s announcement has become one more missed opportunity."

"Sadly, the PM's statement demonstrates a failure of leadership and vision at a time where there is much talk in the national media about the need for these attributes."

"Apart from a litany of missed opportunities at the domestic level, this policy needs to be seen in an international context, where the Coalition has consistently worked to undermine agreements on climate change, World Heritage and other fields of international co-operation on the environment."

For further information contact:

Cam Walker
National Liaison Officer
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