Colourful Protests Australia-Wide Call On Government: \Commit To Kyoto!\

July 20, 2001

While the official Australian delegation obstructs progress on the Kyoto Protocol, environmental and social justice groups will hold a variety of actions and street theatre events around the country this Sunday, July 22nd to call attention to Australia's dismal performance.

From the Climate Ark and flotilla in Melbourne to the "Other Umbrella Group" meeting in Adelaide, the message will be the same: Australia should commit to a fair and equitable Kyoto Protocol.

A recent survey showed that 80% of Australians want the Kyoto Protocol ratified without the United States if necessary, the Australian government has ignored their wishes, instead giving in to powerful lobby groups in the fossil-fuel industry.

Meanwhile, the impacts of climate change are one of the biggest threats facing our nearest neighbours in the South Pacific and other vulnerable non-industrialised countries around the world.

"Other Umbrella Group" meeting. Unlike their planet-destroying counterparts this Umbrella Group know nuclear power is no solution to global warming. Victoria Park, Adelaide 12pm .

Adelaide Action Contact:

Bruce Thompson
Friends of the Earth
Mob: 0417 318 368

Roman Orzanski
Friends of the Earth
Ph: 08 8211 6460

Get dressed for the wet. Climate campaigners will cruise the streets in floaties, flippers and wetsuits handing out information on the effects of climate change. Australia will be one of the countries worst affected by climate change yet as a nation we still refuse to take the issue seriously. King George Square, Brisbane, 11am .

Brisbane Action Contact:
Andree Stark
Friends of the Earth
Mob: 0414 745 475

Climate Ark and flotilla will sail through the streets of St Kilda to the Climate Court, where a judge and jury will hear cases of crimes against the climate. O'Donnell Gardens, St Kilda, 12pm.

Contact: Tristy Fairfield, Friends of the Earth, 0411 220 704


Kirribilli House gets a sandbagging to highlight the Prime Minister's role in obstructing international negotiations. Kirribilli, 11am.

Contact: Kerry Nettle, The Greens, 0402 436 006
Shane Rattenbury, Greenpeace, 0412 485 975