Cyber alert - Kyoto Protocol

June 26, 2001

Over the last 24 hours, Greenpeace, WWF, FoE and Kiko-network Japan have put together a massive cyber-fax alert to Prime Minister Koizumi, calling on him to stand firm on Japan's commitment to ratify Kyoto.

Mr Koizumi is meeting with George Bush in Washington on 30 June, and this may be the MOST critical meeting and we need him to tell Bush that Japan is going to go ahead and ratify the Protocol. The issue of whether or not Japan will go ahead without the US is a major issue in Japan, and is in fact an election issue as well.

The link to the Greenpeace's cybercentre action alert page is:

Using this page, you can send a prepared letter to Mr Koizumi.
Please do it and pass this on to other people.

For further information see the Climate Campaign page