'Dingo fence' built on Fraser Island

May 16, 2001

Traditional owners of Fraser Island and conservationists say they're not looking for any confrontation with authorities over the construction of an unauthorised dingo fence on the Island this morning.

They've begun erecting a fence to separate dingoes and tourists on the Island in response to this month's fatal attack on a nine-year old holiday maker. Since then, the Queensland government has embarked on a substantial culling program of the dingo population.

Ross Daniels from Friends of the Earth says while they haven't been given State Government approval to erect the fence, they don't expect any trouble with authorities.

"You know for our authority we look at the traditional owners. I mean as far as we're concerned they're the ones that should have the final say on the protection of the wildlife on their area. It's not meant to be confrontational. What we're doing is meant to be a positive thing. If there's any confrontation it won't be from us."

Friends of the Earth is working with local traditional owners to ensure greater recognition of Indigenous rights to control management of natural ecosystems on the island.

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