Federation leaves legacy of Radiation

May 9, 2001

Anti-nuclear groups will today launch a new national website - www.votenuclearfree.org - outside the Commonwealth Parliaments joint Commemorative Ceremonial Federation Sitting at the Royal Exhibition Buildings.

After 100 years of parliament it is timely to reflect on the impact government policies have had on Australia's environment and its people. This new website is designed to highlight Australia's nuclear history with an aim to keep nuclear issues high on the agenda for the Federal election and to support the move towards a nuclear free future.

These community groups call on the Centenary Parliament to commit to:

  • no uranium mining
  • no nuclear reactor
  • no dumping of nuclear waste
  • no involvement in nuclear war-fighting plans

The initiative is supported by the Anti-Nuclear Alliance of WA, Friends of the Earth, Environment Centre of the Northern Territory, People Against A Nuclear Reactor, Sydney People Against a New Nuclear Reactor, Everyone for a Nuclear Free Future, Flinders Ranges Environmental Action Collective, People for Nuclear Disarmament and other groups around the country.

"Right now we have uranium mines in indigenous homelands, a nuclear reactor in the suburbs of Sydney and threats of nuclear waste dumps in South Australia and Western Australia," said Brenda Conochie of Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia (ANAWA).

"Australia's current government is one of the most pro-nuclear in the world" said Bruce Thompson of Friends of the Earth. "It is sharply at odds with the will of the people and lacks the vision for a clean safe and sustainable Australia".

"Today's Centenary sitting is a time to both reflect on the past and shape the future and there is no role for the nuclear industry in 21st Century Australia" concluded Mr Thompson

To launch the new website Friends of the Earth in Melbourne will be present outside the Royal Exhibition buildings with placards spelling out an anti-nuclear message:

100 years of Federation, 250,000 years of radiation: http://www.votenuclearfree.org

For further information contact:

Brenda Conochie
Ph: 08 9271 1977 or 08 9271 4488

Bruce Thompson
Friends of the Earth Australia
Ph: 0417 318 368