Food Aid Campaign - Stop GMO Dumping on the South

July 9, 2001

Food Aid Campaign - Stop GMO Dumping on the South

A significant victory was achieved at the end of May by Accion Ecologica /FoE Ecuador in their campaign on Food Aid. FoE Ecuador, which also coordinates a network called Latin America Free of Genetically Modified Organisms (RALLT), composed of groups in the Andean Region, tested food aid for GMOs in conjunction with three other groups from RALLT in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru. The results of those tests showed high levels of GM soya and corn in food aid originating in the USA.

The announcement of these findings caused considerable media attention and public concern in Latin America, and FoE Ecuador called for an immediate end to the dumping of Food Aid contaminated with GMOs. Shortly after, Ecuadorian authorities decided to forbid GMOs in two Food Aid programs. In addition, they stated that only national soya will be used in these programs. This is a significant victory in favor of local sustainable agriculture and a fair system of food aid based on national, regional and local priorities.

As consumer awareness continues to grow in the developed world and more and more people demand GMO-free products, political campaigns need to be broadened to ensure that aid recipient countries do not become a dumping ground for GMO foods.

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