Green Ban Announcement Supported by Victorian Environment Groups

August 6, 2001

Environment groups today welcomed the announcement from the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) that they would impose 'Green Bans' on the construction of three proposed gas-fired electricity generators throughout Victoria.

"While in some instances gas can be a feasible part of an energy transition strategy, these proposed plants do not involve responsible use of this finite resource," said Friends of the Earth spokesperson, Tristy Fairfield.

"The three proposed turbines will be open cycle turbines which have a thermal efficiency of around 30% compared with closed or combine cycle turbines which are around 70% efficient. Victoria's gas reserves are expected to run out by 2014 this supply is too valuable to waste like this."

Environment groups say it is time for cost-effective and responsible measures to deal with Victoria's peak summer energy demand.

"Victoria urgently needs a strategic approach to energy planning," stated Nicolette Boele, Sustainable Cities and Industries Campaigner for the Australian Conservation Foundation. "One that ensures reliability of supply, competitive pricing and equity of access while addressing the critical issue of greenhouse gas emissions."

"Energy efficiency and energy conservation are the tools we should be implementing. After that we need renewable energy or efficient use of gas at the very least."

"Thank goodness the ETU has shown leadership and courage and taken a stand on this issue," Tristy Fairfield continued, "We applaud their sense of community responsibility and global citizenship. They know that there are more jobs in renewable energy and that climate change is wreaking havoc already in many vulnerable nations. This is an issue of massive local and global significance. We will certainly be supporting them in every way we can."

For more information contact:

Tristy Fairfield
Friends of the Earth
Mob: 0411 220 704

Nicolette Boele
Australian Conservation Foundation
Mob: 0438 043 049