Green Groups Urge Negotiators in Bonn - \Reject Australia's Pro-Nuclear Lobbying\

July 17, 2001  

The Australian Government's hypocrisy and disregard for less developed countries has again come under international scrutiny at the high-level climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany.

Australia is one of only a few countries actively lobbying for the inclusion of nuclear power in Joint Implementation projects in the Kyoto Protocol. Safety, health and cost concerns have resulted in strong community opposition to nuclear power in Australia, which has never built a nuclear power station itself. The government is now arguing that the Kyoto Protocol should subsidise nuclear power in non-industrialised countries.

The motivation is largely economic; as one of the world's largest suppliers of uranium, the Government hopes that increased use of nuclear power will increase uranium exports. The Australian Government's short-term political agenda has led it to put economic self-interest ahead of the integrity of the Protocol and the development of clean and safe alternative energy in non-industrialised countries.

Australian environment groups have urged Parties to the Climate Convention to reject Australia's proposal that nuclear power be eligible for inclusion in Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanism projects. Money spent on nuclear power will be diverted away from renewable energy and energy efficiency, which are the real solutions to climate change and sustainable development.

For more information contact:

Tristy Fairfield Climate Action Network (Australia) Mob: 0411 220 704

Nicolette Boele Australian Conservation Foundation (in Bonn) Mob: 0438 043 049