Labor Shows Nuclear Leadership

November 3, 2001

National environment group Friends of the Earth has welcomed the ALP¹s commitment to no new uranium mines, reactor or radioactive waste dumping. The ALP has unveiled a principled response to nuclear issues as a key part of its environment policy launch in Perth today. The position is in sharp contrast to the Federal government¹s outdated obsession with the nuclear industry.

Friends of the Earth has supported the ALP commitment to:

Uranium Mining
No new uranium mines including Jabiluka and Honeymoon.
Examine the controversial use of In- situ leach mining at Beverley.

Radioactive Waste
Halt to radioactive dumping in SA.
Commitment to responsible management acknowledging unresolved issues.

New Reactor
Opposition to a new reactor at Lucas Heights.
Review of reprocessing.
Commitment to an independent inquiry into the need for a new reactor.

"The Liberal party has had an obsession with an outdated, hazardous industry of the past, ALP has shown commitment to a cleaner, safer and smarter future" said Bruce Thompson

Community opposition to the Jabiluka mine, a new reactor and radioactive dumping in South Australia has led to one of the largest environment campaigns in recent times.

"As the Federal election looms, this issue can be expected to influence voting intentions." said Loretta O¹Brien

Friends of the Earth will be active in Adelaide during the final week before the election as part of a campaign to place nuclear issues on the agenda.

For further information contact:

Bruce Thompson
Mob: 0417 318 368

Loretta O¹Brien
Ph: 0418 178 053