New action against Shell's Oil spill in Nigeria

August 8, 2001

On June 25, 2001, an oil spill and explosion occurred in the aged and rusty pipeline in Ogbodo, Nigeria.

It destroyed the only source of drinking water for 150,000 people. The spill has also destroyed community fishing equipment and farmlands, and resulted in fumes and pollutants that have sickened people and forced many to evacuate their homes. Shell's highly ineffective cleanup efforts and meagre offers of assistance are doing little to help the plight of the victims, the Ikwere ethnic nationality of the River State of the Niger Delta.

Please write to Shell, and tell them it's time to spend the money needed to clean up the disaster, provide sufficient safe drinking water, and compensate the Ogbodo for their lost property and livelihoods.

All the best,
Environmental Rights Action-ERA / Friends of the Earth Nigeria

To protest against Shells actions in Nigeria go to;
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