Review Slams Uranium Mine Approval

December 12, 2001

Friends of the Earth has today released a critical review of the Honeymoon Uranium Project?s environmental assessment. The report challenges both the technical and procedural approach taken by the SA and Federal Government leading to the mine?s recent controversial approval. The environment group holds strong concern that genuine Environment Impact Assessment has failed as a result of the governments? pro uranium policy.

The Report:

Undermining Environment Protection

Honeymoon Uranium Project Assessment - An Independent Review.
Prepared by Friends of the Earth, Australia

The report was compiled on the basis of available information with technical contribution from independent Hydrogeologist Dr Gavin Mudd.

Key Findings:

Technical Failures

  • Key government assessment was based on the work of an inexperienced PhD student on public record as a strong supporter of ISL uranium mining.
  • Despite additional work the company is unable to demonstrate, with any scientific certainty, that groundwater will return to its natural state
  • The company is unable to prevent and limit leakage into surrounding groundwater effectively

Process Failures

  • Access to key information was blocked by the company
  • Key documents remain unavailable despite Ministerial assurances.
  • The Government has failed to critically review company information or independently assess.

"The company has used poor science to justify what is an unproven technology overseas experience shows their claims to be wrong" said Dr. Mudd.

"A pro nuclear PhD student?s work cannot be the basis for independent assessment the approval must be put on hold," concluded Mr Thompson.

Friends of the Earth has called for a halt to mine approval pending a full independent review.

The full report is available as a PDF document .

For further information contact:

Bruce Thompson
Nuclear Campaigner
Mob: 0417 318 368

Dr Gavin Mudd
Mob: 0419 117 494