Rising Tides, Rising Waste: Nuclear power is no solution to global warming

July 21, 2001

While the official Australian delegation obstructs progress on UN climate talks, environmental and social justice groups will hold a variety of actions and street theatre events across Australia today to call attention to Australia's dismal performance. Australia, Canada and Japan remain the few countries pushing for the inclusion of nuclear energy in the climate talks taking place in Bonn Germany from the 16-27th July.

Australia, Canada and Japan, coined the "umbrella group" are pushing to include nuclear power through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This would allow nuclear nations to receive carbon reduction credits for providing technology to developing nations. The push has been opposed by the European Union and other member states seeking genuine ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.

South Australian Senator and Federal Environment Minister, Robert Hill is leading the Australian push overseas while facilitating the nuclear industry in Australia.

The minister is responsible for several controversial uranium mining projects, a new nuclear reactor and could allow South Australia to be a dumping ground for radioactive waste.

"Rising tides, rising waste; nuclear power will not fix the greenhouse, merely create another problem" said Roman Orszanski, climate spokesperson.

"Nuclear power is a white elephant in the greenhouse debate, we need smart policy and technology to safeguard the future" said Bruce Thompson, nuclear campaigner.

Unlike their planet-destroying counterparts this Umbrella Group know nuclear power is no solution to global warming.

For more information or comment contact:

Bruce Thompson
Nuclear Campaigner
Ph: 0417 318 368

Roman Orszanski
Climate Spokesperson
Ph: 08 8211 6460

On other action across Australia contact:

Tristy Fairfield
Climate Action Co-ordinator
Ph: 0411 220 704