South Australia - Too Good to Waste

November 1, 2001

The Australian Conservation Foundation and Friends of the Earth will launch a new radioactive postcard in Adelaide on Thursday, as part of an election campaign to highlight the continuing Federal government plans to dump radioactive waste in SA.

The highly visual launch will take place at the offices of key nuclear dump advocate and South Australian Senator, Industry Minister Nick Minchin.

"As the Federal election looms, Government has been unwilling to face community with its plans to impose national radioactive waste dumps in our communities and in our State" said Bruce Thompson of Friends of the Earth.

The Ministers' push for a second nuclear reactor in Sydney remains the driving force behind the move to impose a radioactive waste future in South Australia.

"Radioactive waste dumps would impact on the food and wine industries and damage the state's three billion dollar a year tourism industry now and in the future."

"Senator Minchin has yet to learn that SA is too good to waste" said David Noonan, ACF Campaign Officer.

An independent Saulwick poll in the Federal seat of Adelaide shows 59% of undecided voters are more likely to vote for a party that would oppose plans for national radioactive waste dumps in SA.

This issue can be expected to influence voting intentions on November 10th.

The campaign includes the distribution of over 75 000 postcards outlining the impacts of dumping radioactive waste in South Australia.

Footage of large radioactive waste transporter and banner drop

Action Details:

11am, Thursday 1st November

Senator Minchin's Electorate Office
423 Henley Beach Rd,
Brooklyn Park