Take Action on External Debt

July 18, 2001

Take Action on External Debt

The following actions are organised by Australian Jubilee


Australian Jubilee supporters in different areas will get together to publicly show their support for debt cancellation.

In SYDNEY there will be a march and rally starting at the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park at 1pm July 22.

In MELBOURNE there will be a funeral procession to commemorate the lives lost to debt, beginning at the US consulate at 2:30pm, 553 St Kilda Road, and marching to the French and Italian consulates.

ADELAIDE will host a lunchtime discussion on Friday July 20 led by Bill Walker, policy officer for World Vision, on the topic "Drop the Debt: Why hasn't it happened yet?" For more details see www.jubileeaustralia.org .

"Reality Check," an important new report from Drop the Debt gives a comprehensive guide to the international debt situation. How much has been cancelled? What was it spend on? How much still needs to be cancelled? Who needs to cancel it? The single most important summary document on the debt situation this year. Highly recommended. Downloaded from www.dropthedebt.org or available free from the Jubilee Australia office.

For more information contact:

Jubilee Australia
Ph: 03 9877 7256
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.jubileeaustralia.org