War Is Not The Answer - No-War Rally For Peace

October 25, 2001

War Is Not The Answer
'Not In Our Name'
No-War Rally For Peace
12 Noon Sunday Nov.4

At 12 noon, Sunday November 4th, (the last Sunday before the election), commencing at the Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park North,the Sydney-based NO-WAR (Network Opposing War and Racism) coalition will hold a rally against the war in Afghanistan.

Rallies are also to be held in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. No-War condemns the atrocities of September 11 in the strongest possible terms. However, we are convinced that bombing a desperately poor nation that has already endured decades of war will do absolutely nothing to make the world a safer place.

Mr. Howard's commitment of 1550 troops to Afghanistan is the first commitment of ground troops since Vietnam in a non-peacekeeping role. The Afghan campaign has already been described by defence experts at ANU as having ill-defined goals, and could last for years with no clear exit strategy. Senior Pentagon experts have said that even if Bin Laden and the Taliban are destroyed, thousands more could take their place, and we will be even less safe than before.

Australia should have no part in it. War should not be an election strategy. Why should Australians die in Afghanistan when the world will be
worse off than before?

No-War calls on concerned people in Sydney and around Australia to rally for peace on November 4.

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