Australia COPs out again at climate talks

October 28, 2002

Australia COPs out again at climate talks

Australian Conservation Foundation
Friends of the Earth Australia
Climate Action Network Australia

The Australian Government has done nothing to reverse its reputation as a climate criminal at the international climate change negotiations (COP 8) currently underway in New Delhi, India.

According to environmental advocacy groups monitoring the Australian Government at the negotiations, Australia is continuing to undermine the Kyoto Protocol on climate change by:

  1. Failing to ratify the Protocol
  2. Seeking access to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for Australian businesses.
  3. Increasing tension between G77 and developed countries by demanding firm commitments on climate change from developing countries before Australia or the US have done so.

"Australia's hollow claims that it supports the Kyoto Protocol are wearing thin on the international community. Without taking the first step and ratifying the Protocol, Mr Kemp, Australia's Environment Minister, is now telling developing countries that they should be doing more to combat climate change," said Ms Sarojini Krishnapillai, spokesperson for the Australian Conservation Foundation.

"Australians value their reputation as team players on the world stage, as good global citizens. Minister Kemp seems intent on ruining that, and is siding with the US version of a self-interested world. The Australian Government needs to re-think, ratify Kyoto and become a constructive player in future negotiations for global co-operation to actually protect our children and the climate", said Mr Danny Kennedy, Co-ordinator of the Climate Action Network Australia (CANA).

The COP 8 meeting has highlighted the US-Australia agenda to create loopholes for their companies to benefit from the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) even though neither county will ratify the Protocol. The CDM provides carbon credits for countries who have ratified the protocol.

"While bushfires and drought scorch Southeastern Australia events set to become more severe under global warming - the Australian Government is undermining international attempts to halt climate change", concluded Ms Krishnapillai.

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Sarojini Krishnapillai
Australian Conservation Foundation
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Climate Action Network Australia
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