Brereton Right About Iraq

October 10, 2002

Brereton Right About Iraq

Friends Of The Earth Australia
Campaign For International Cooperation And Disarmament

Peace groups today praised Laurie Brereton and Harry Quick's call for the Labor party to take a firmer stand in opposition to war with Iraq.

According to the groups:
"What the Labor party needs to do is to recognize that the overwhelming majority of Australians do not want either unilateral preemptive strikes against Iraq, and nor do they want to go in under a resolution bought about by pressure and arm-twisting from the United States."

"Little Nahru had a point yesterday when it pointed to the fact that the US has an 'attitude problem': It is quite content to hold 12,000 nuclear warheads itself, but wants to attack Iraq which as yet, probably doesn't have even one warhead. The US has also been notable by its silence over the most recent Pakistani nuclear missile test just days ago, and itself tested missiles recently."

"The Labor Party should seize the high moral ground by firmly opposing any Australian involvement in war on Iraq, and by urging the US to get rid of its own weapons of mass destruction."

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