Don't let big business rule the world!

June 1, 2002

Don't let big business rule the world!
Friends of the Earth International launches global campaign for Earth Summit

Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) today launches a global campaign for the Earth Summit to take place in Johannesburg in August. Under the slogan "Don't let big business rule the world" FoEI is collecting demands to world leaders from all over the world. Actions take place in Bali, Germany, Spain, Australia, Norway and Britain. For every demand collected, a small figure designed by South African artists will be delivered to the Earth Summit.

Ricardo Navarro, Chair of Friends of the Earth International comments:

"Friends of the Earth International is the largest network of grassroots environmental organisations in the world and has more than 1 million members. We will use this strength to ensure that grassroots voices are heard at the Earth Summit. Our global campaign will show that citizens all over the world expect governments to bring economic globalisation under control. People do not want a world run by and for big business. Johannesburg must finally deliver meaningful social and environmental limits to globalisation."

FoEI is collecting message via community radios( 1 ), via the Internet ( 2 ) and postcards ( 3 ). At numerous local actions, citizens the world over are given a chance to make their voice heard. At Johannesburg itself, FoEI will construct a massive art installation, which will feature a 6 metre high "corporate giant" and thousands of "little people" representing the people's voice.

For more information contact:

In Melbourne:
Cam Walker
Friends of the Earth Australia
Mob: 0419 8700

In Bali:
Daniel Mittler
Campaign Coordinator
Ph: +49 173 923 4747

In Berlin:
Marc Engelhardt
Ph: +49 171 48 70 891


1. "Radio Earth Summit" works with community radios all over the world and will bring testimonies and sounds to FoEI´s major art installation in Johannesburg. Contact: Mike Childs + 44 20 7490 0237
2. Messages can be sent at〈=en
3. A huge postcard will be on display today in Madrid, Spain. Hundreds of postcards will be collected at an action in Berlin.