Earth Summit: Corporations need to be held accountable

August 25, 2002

Friends of the Earth International, the world's largest environmental federation, is demanding that corporations do not just talk green, but are held accountable for their behaviour. Amidst much talk at the Johannesburg Earth Summit of voluntary measures for corporations to achieve sustainability, FoE is calling for a legally-binding corporate code of conduct.

To make it's point, FoE has put together a website of downloadable soundbites of people around the world talking about the impact of oil spills, illegal logging and other corporate misbehaviours on their lives. Meanwhile in Melbourne, FoE will be taking their 'corporate giant', radiation suits, colour and noise to the Rio Tinto offices on Friday August 30.

"When it comes to corporate accountability, Rio Tinto is a case in point," says Domenica Settle. "It has says it's committed to sustainability through the United Nations' Global Compact, yet has attracted more complaints of environmental destruction and human rights abuses than any other mining company." The director Rio Tinto will be attending the Earth Summit, as part of the British government delegation. "The last ten years, and the Enron and WorldCom collapses, have shown that corporations can not and should not regulate themselves," adds Settle.

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Mark Wakeham
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Liz Turner
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Domenica Settle
Ph: 03 9419 8700

The Radio Earth Summit website for soundbites from around the
world -

Rio Tinto action in Melbourne: Friday August 30 at 12 noon, Rio Tinto
Headquarters, 55 Collins Street Melbourne