Government should follow Nuclear Dumpers lead

January 23, 2002

Environment group Friends of the Earth today welcomed news that international nuclear waste dump proponent Pangea Resources is closing operations in Australia due to community opposition, calling on State and Federal Governments do the same and pull the pin on plans to dump Australian nuclear waste on an unwilling community.

Pangea's plans for Australia were first made public when Friends of the Earth leaked Pangea's promotional video in 1998. The video enthused about the potential Australia has for being the world's nuclear waste dump and used high profile spokespeople to push its cause.

The leak spawned a rash of commentary and community opposition to the proposal, which culminated in the introduction of legislation in Western Australia and South Australia preventing the importation of high level nuclear waste.

"Stopping the dumping of international nuclear waste is a victory for Australia," said Friends of the Earth spokesperson Loretta O'Brien.

"However we must not forget that the Federal Government still has plans for two national nuclear waste dumps for South Australia."

"Just as Pangea has done, the State and Federal government should heed the opposition of the 86% of South Australians who oppose the dumping of nuclear waste in their state," said Bruce Thompson of Friends of the Earth. "Until these dumps are stopped the door to an international nuclear waste dump will not be fully closed."

For further information contact:

Loretta O'Brien
Friends of the Earth
Mob: 0418 178 053

Bruce Thompson
Friends of the Earth
Mob: 0417 318 368