Groups Call On Downer To Stand Firm On Nuke Weapons At UN Meeting

April 8, 2002

Groups Call On Downer To Stand Firm On Nuke Weapons At UN Meeting

Friends Of The Earth Australia
Australian Peace Committee
People For Nuclear Disarmament

Peace groups, church groups, other religious groups, environment groups and antinuclear groups have called on the government to maintain a strong line against nuclear weapons at the meeting of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty preparatory conference which is taking place all this week at the United nations.

In a letter signed by 22 groups including the Uniting Church, the Lebanese Moslem Association, the Medical Association for the Prevention of War, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Peace Committee, People for Nuclear Disarmament, and Friends of the Earth Australia, the groups asked the government to press Australia's strong and unwavering commitment towards the goal of total and unequivocal nuclear disarmament.

The groups strongly urged the government to press for the implementation of the final statement of the review conference of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, of May 2000.

This move comes as the US appears to be walking away from those commitments, and is even contemplating a possible recommencement of nuclear weapons testing in order to develop 'mini-nukes' that could be used for war-fighting purposes.

The groups said the government must firmly express its concern to the US over the consequences of walking away from the US's international commitments in this area.

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