Inadequate labelling increases demand for GE-free Kraft Foods

February 8, 2002

Friends of the Earth Australia joins consumer groups worldwide in their call for Kraft Foods free of genetically modified ingredients, in the light of inadequate safety testing and labelling.

Friends of the Earth Australia is part of a campaign launched on the 6th of February by thousands of other consumer advocates in over 170 cities across the United States, Canada, and Australia calling on Kraft Foods, to remove untested, unlabelled genetically engineered ingredients from its products.

Independent testing released Wednesday in the US confirms Kraft's use of GE ingredients in seven of the ten foods tested. In the face of last year¹s contamination of Kraft brand Taco Bell¹s Taco Shells with StarLink, a genetically engineered corn not approved for human consumption, consumer concern about the content of Kraft Foods is growing worldwide.

"In Europe Kraft Foods is taking special measures to offer ge-free foods. Why don¹t we deserve this in Australia and the US?" asks Tina Meckel, Spokesperson for Friends of the Earth Australia's Campaign against Genetically Engineered Foods.

When out to buy GE-free foods, Australian consumers can't rely on the inadequate labelling regime put in place by the Australia New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA), as it leaves last year¹s products as well as many additives, oils, sugars and animal derivatives unlabelled.

Friends of the Earth Australia's supermarket survey after the introduction of labelling in December 2001 found no products labelled as genetically engineered, however revealed many as potentially contaminated.

"Subjected to inadequate labeling and insufficient testing of genetically engineered foods, we are urging companies like Kraft to show corporate responsibility and remove all GE ingredients and derivatives from their products" says Ms Meckel.

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