Stop The Desecration Of Lake Cowal Sacred Heartland Of The Wiradjuri Nation

December 2, 2002

Wiradjuri Elders and Warriors and supporters are heading to Lake Cowal (central NSW) in an attempt to prevent the immediate desecration of one of the most important Aboriginal sites in NSW.

The Director-General of National parks and Wildlife has now consented to the mass collection of artefacts and the destruction of the rest. He has issued a Consent to Destroy ALL Aboriginal sites in the mine project area, the pipeline from the bore field and the electricity transmission line.

Last week [25-9 November 2002] in the NSW Land and Environment Court the counsel for the Director-General of NP&WS argued that he can issue Consents to Destroy Aboriginal site "unqualified and unlimited by any procedures." He can issue them orally and without any written application. His decision is unreviewable, even by the Minister. This is an extreme form of racial discrimination and denial of religious freedom.

Elders of the Wiradjuri Nation are calling on all our supporters to stand with us to defend Lake Cowal and prevent this desecration from happening. Wiradjuri Elders and warriors are calling for all Wiradjuri to defend our sacred Heartland and for supporters to come to Lake Cowal over this week ASAP. This is urgent.

Our Sacred heartland is under direct attack.

I have been in court all week to do everything I can through the system. The Land and Environment Court is giving its decision on Tuesday but work is beginning tomorrow for a mass clearance of artefacts before the Section 90 Consent to Destroy is effective.

All Wiradjuri are totally opposed to the mine proceeding and the desecration of our sacred site.

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Neville Williams
Mob: 0416316774