Brereton Is Right: Australia Must Take Tough Stance Against Iraq War

January 7, 2003

Brereton Is Right: Australia Must Take Tough Stance Against Iraq War

Friends Of The Earth Australia
Australian Peace Committee
Campaign For International Cooperation And Disarmament (Cicd)

Australian peace groups today congratulated Laurie Brereton, former ALP foreign affairs spokesperson and Convenor of the right faction in his call for a stronger and clearer opposition to war with Iraq.

According to the groups,
"It is vital that not only the ALP but all parties and the government as a whole express clear opposition to the Bush Administrations drive to war.

The Australian government as a whole should be opposing the war drive in the corridors of the United Nations, should be denying the use of Australian facilities and ports, and the use of the 'Joint Facilities' (ie Pine Gap) for Iraq-related activities, and must take a strong message to our great and powerful ally that they have embarked on a wrong path that however respectfully, we must oppose."

"The government has adopted the right approach, one based on patient diplomacy, to North Korea, whose weapons of mass destruction are far more advanced and far more deadly than anything that Iraq has ever been rumored to have. Indeed it is increasingly clear that if Iraq ever had anything they no longer do, and that there is no case at all for military action."

"As far as the utterly critical issue of weapons of mass destruction goes, Australia must demand that the nuclear weapons powers first of all fulfill their clear legal obligations under article VI of the NPT, and should press them continually to do that. Only then can we press Iraq and North Korea without complete hypocrisy."

"We draw the attention not only of the ALP, but of the government itself, to the recent statements against war with Iraq by General Gration and by the Pope."

In the event that war breaks out, protests will take place in Australian cities at 5pm on the day it breaks out or on the following day if the news comes late in the day.

(5pm In front of the Town Hall in Sydney, the State library in Melbourne, and Parliament House in Adelaide.)

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