Distinguished Australians Speak Out Against War On Iraq

February 4, 2003

A media conference series on the impending war

Presented by the Walk Against The War Coalition

The Howard government is sending further Australian troops to prepare to invade Iraq, ignoring public opinion, the vital need for debate, and without support from the Parliament or from the international community.

A broad spectrum of leading members of the Australian public are speaking out against this war and on the humanitarian, social, political, economic and international implications and future consequences of such a war.

The series will take place at the nsw parliament media room from february 6 to february 12, 2003.

Thursday February 6, 2003 at 11.30 at President, NSW Council for Civil Liberties: CAMERON MURPHY
NSW Medical Association for Prevention of War: DR ROBERT MARR
Host: ALP, President of NSW Legislative Council: Dr Meredith Burgmann

Friday February 7, 2003, 10.30 am
Former Minister for Urban & Regional Dev and WW2 Veteran: TOM UREN
Former Minister for Veterans Affairs and WW2 Veteran: ARTHUR GIETZELT
Host: Australian Democrats MLC: Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

Monday February 10, 2003 at 10.30 am
President, NSW Teachers Federation: MS MAREE O'HALLORAN
Professor of International Law at University of NSW: PROF GEORGE WILLIAMS
Host: Greens (NSW) MLC Lee Rhiannon

Wednesday February 12, 2003 10.30 am
Uniting Church: REV RAY RICHMOND
Lakemba Mosque - KEYSAR TRAD
NSW / ACT Secretary, Independent Education Union: RICHARD SHEARMAN
Host: ALP, President of NSW Legislative Council: Dr Meredith Burgmann

*Sydney peace rally on sunday feb 16, 12 noon at hyde park north.
*Massive rallies all over australia on february 15 and 16.
*Europe-wide and us-wide protest events are on february 15

For more information contact:

Michelle Staur
Ph: 8354 0737

John Hallam
Ph: 9567 7533

Peter Murphy
Mob: 0418 312 301