Peace Groups Condemn War 'Without UN'

January 24, 2002

Peace Groups Condemn War 'Without UN'

Friends Of The Earth Australia
Australian Peace Committee

Prime Minister Howards refusal to rule out military action against Iraq in the likely absence of a UN resolution, and the hint by a senior Australian military adviser that in fact Australia would participate in military action without UN Security Council approval, has drawn strong condemnation from Friends of the Earth, Ozpeace, and the Australian Peace Committee. The groups strongly oppose military action with or without UN approval, pointing out that the Security Council will be subject to the most extreme pressures by the US.

According to FOE, Ozpeace, and APC:

"War with or without Security Council approval is completely unacceptable, as the US will place such undue pressure on that body. Yet Mr Howard has said he will proceed with military action even in the absence of security council approval - something a mere 6% of Australians support. The government is showing complete contempt for the opinions of the overwhelming majority of the population of this country, in order to pursue a course of military action that completely lacks justification. The Prime Minister is showing complete contempt for Democracy."

"Australia should refuse military support for this war, and should urge action to combat the very real threat of weapons of mass destruction, starting with the massive arsenals held by the US, Russia, China, France, the UK, Israel, India, and Pakistan - and North Korea. This does not mean military action, but it does mean real negotiations that bring about the total and unequivocal elimination of their nuclear arsenals."

Today in central Sydney, a 20m purple ribbon was hoisted on a giant crane to the cheers of parliamentarians, TV personalities, Christian and Moslem religious leaders, and construction site workers, as people were urged to wear purple ribbons to show opposition to war with Iraq.

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