Barrick Smoked By Lake Cowal Traditional Owners

October 22, 2004

International Coalition to protect Lake Cowal are gathering in an ancient sacred ceremony for peace and healing at Lake Cowal, 47 km north-east of West Wyalong, central western NSW. There will be three days of ceremony and actions beginning on Friday 22 October with the serving of the Notice to Quit operations at Lake Cowal to Canadian mining company Barrick Gold.

The Open Pit, cyanide leaching gold mine, proposed by Transnational mining company Barrick Gold is continuing to be challenged in the courts by Wiradjuri Traditional Owner Neville Williams on behalf of Mooka and Kalara United Families.

This area is internationally recognised for its cultural and spiritual significance to the Wiradjuri People, and is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna. Lake Cowal is a migratory and breeding habitat for over two hundred species of birds, and protected under international treaties with Japan and China.

Lake Cowal is the water catchment for one of the most drought affected areas in Australia, and supports local communities, farmers and abundant wildlife.
“It is an absolute disgrace given that Sydney reportedly has less than 99 weeks of water supply, while the government is granting licenses to a foreign corporation to use 17 million litres of water a day. That’s why people from all walks of life oppose this mine.” Said Belle Budden, of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

“This is genocide against the Wiradjuri people. Lake Cowal is a Dreaming Site, and our people have been coming here since time immemorial. Lake Cowal is a Sacred site with artefacts older than the pyramids of Egypt.” Neville Williams was outraged. “There were also many massacres here, and many Wiradjuri People are buried around this Lake. We will not sit back and let the Genocide Continue!”

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