Carbon increases signal danger of climate inaction

Tuesday 12 October 2004

The report on the second consecutive annual increase in greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide marks a clear warning that climate change can no longer be avoided as a priority environmental and social issue.

The release of this report is of particular concerns to Friends of the Earth on the eve of the re-election of the Howard government.

“We have very clear indications that greenhouse gas emissions are escalating despite all that we know about the dangerous impacts of climate change, and it is heartily disappointing that Australia has returned a government that by its own admission will not mandate action on climate change.” Stated Climate Justice Campaigner Stephanie Long.

“The report indicates that even the impact of climate change itself through bushfires and heatwaves may contribute to further carbon dioxide emissions as forests are effected by these extreme weather patterns.”

“The international community has declared that between 350 and 450 parts per million of carbon dioxide equivalents in the atmosphere is the limit at which we can avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change.”

“We have already reached the lower end of this estimate of emissions, and yet Australia will not ratify the Kyoto Protocol, introduce a carbon signal in the market or increase the amount of electricity sourced from renewable energy.”

“All of these measures are necessary to begin to seriously deal with greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, for both our own future as a nation and that of our extremely vulnerable neighbours in the Pacific region.”

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