Nuclear weapons campaign appeal for funds

September 4, 2004

Nuclear weapons campaign appeal for funds

Friends of the Earth Australia nuclear weapons campaign: How we are helping to save the world why we need your help to do it

The most recent efforts of FOE Nuclear Weapons Campaign to help save the world have been endorsed by a dozen Nobel prizewinners including HH the Dalai Lama, as we work to make accidental nuclear war less likely.

But our efforts cost money. We need your help to help us pay the relatively modest bills. Donations to Friends of the Earth are tax- deductible.

What are we doing?

FOE-Australia nuclear weapons campaign, together with the Association of World Citizens, is working to put a resolution through the United Nations General Assembly, urging that strategic nuclear weapons be taken off 'launch-on'warning' status, (a key recommendation of the Canberra Commission of 1996.) FOE has already succeeded to get a similar resolution passed in the Australian Senate, and we are also actively working to get similar resolutions put through the Europarliament, the Brasilian Senate and other legislatures. Our US colleagues are working on key Congressional leaders.

This quite literally, makes it less likely that civilisation and most living things could be destroyed in an accidental nuclear war as a result of computer or equipment error and human miscalculation. The world has come close to this on about a dozen occasions already.

FOE and the Association of World Citizens have gained support for our initiative from over 170 organisations and parliamentarians worldwide, including from a dozen Nobel prizewinners including HH the Dalai Lama, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, and Oscar Arrias. Organisations that have pledged their support include International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW - itself the recipient of a Nobel prize in 1985), Abolition-2000, an association of over 2000 NGOs pledged to eliminate nuclear weapons, and Mayors for Peace, an association of hundreds of cities headed by the city of Hiroshima. We work closely with all these organisations.

What have we done in the past?

In 1999 FOEA Nuke Weapons Campaign coordinated a global campaign to take strategic nuclear weapons off alert over the Y2K rollover, resulting in a resolution in the European Parliament and a massively supported letter to Presidents Yeltsin and Clinton.

In the year 2000 we coordinated a global letter to every government involved in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference, urging compliance with the NPT's legal obligation to eliminate nuclear weapons.

We were responsible for global letters to the governments of India and Pakistan urging restraint as those countries stood on the brink of nuclear war in the subcontinent, and our efforts also resulted in the most heavily supported ever 'early day motion' in the UK Parliament, urging a peaceful solution to the crisis.

We coordinated a global sign - on letter also to Kim Jong-Il and President Bush, urging a peaceful solution to the North Korean nuclear crisis.

And we coordinated a global letter and a global fax campaign against the Iraq war.

FOE has been responsible over the years for dozens of nuclear-weapons related initiatives in not only the Australian Senate, but on occasion also the Europarliament, the UK Parliament, the Brasilian Senate, and the Canadian Parliament.

BUT...Saving the world needs money!

FOE's nuclear weapons campaign runs on almost no money.... Our labour is entirely voluntary. Our biggest expense is our phone and e-mail bill!

We rely on one or two folk who devotedly collect money in a tin for us - and then on appeals like this one.

We need you help - to keep us afloat financially. A few thousand dollars will enable us to function for between 3 and 6 months. Anything you can give will be immensely helpful.

We really do need your cheques.

Do please send a donation.

Attn John Hallam,
Friends of the Earth Australia Nuclear Weapons Campaign,
PO Box A474 Sydney South 1235.

If you want tax-deductibility, please make a note and include your address clearly so we can receipt you.