Sacred Site Reclaimed

October 22, 2004

At 12pm today, the site of Canadian mining company Barrick Gold’s Lake Cowal Gold Project was occupied by a national network of peaceful protestors against the Cyanide-leaching mine, calling for an immediate stop to all development and operations. The Protestors have said they will stay until the mine is closed and the area is returned to the Rightful Owners within the Wiradjuri Nation.

The Open-cut gold mine, using cyanide leaching to extract around a gram of gold per tonne of ore body, is an environmental disaster in the making. Lake Cowal is one of the largest wetland ecosystems in Australia, and one of the most endangered.

“Putting an 850 metre wide, 350 metre deep open pit in the lake bed will destroy this internationally significant site for generations into the future. The risk is unacceptable.” Stated RMIT Environment Office bearer Ms Alice Pepper.

Barrick Gold proposes to use 17 million litres of water a day, pumped from the underground water reserves of the Lachlan catchment in the middle of the Murray-Darling Basin. The NSW govt issued new licenses to the transnational mining company despite an embargo on water licenses in this area

“Lake Cowal is Nature’s nursery, with hundreds of species of birds, some migrating from as far as China and Russia. There are also endangered fish in this area, and some of the trees Barrick wants to kill are hundreds of years old.”, Youth Worker Terrence King

For more info, contact:
Terrence King on 0415 738 790