Australian Environment Minister sending wrong message about climate change

May 2, 2005

Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia is extremely disappointed with Senator Ian Campbell’s recent statements on climate change activities post 2012. FoE believes that binding mandatory targets for emissions reduction are essential to adequately respond to climate change.

Experience to date in Australia has shown the inadequacy of voluntary schemes with the failure of the Greenhouse Gas Abatement Program (GGAP) to reduction of greenhouse gases in the private sector. The GGAP did not meet its targets for emissions reduction and as a result grossly underspent the outcomes driven budget by $337.9m.

The consistent refusal of the Australian government to ratify Kyoto is a sense of shame for many Australian citizens with community polls showing that Australia position on Kyoto ratification should be independent of the USA position.

FoE Australia will continue to advocate for meaningful binding emissions reduction targets post 2012.


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