Campbell should take his own advice on environment

Friends of the Earth strongly encourages Environment Minister Ian Campbell to take his own advice to Japan on whaling and apply it to Australia’s disruption of international negotiations to prevent climate change. On radio national this morning Senator Campbell stated that Japan was obstructing the international protection of whales in the lead up to the International Whaling Commission meeting next week.

Whilst Australia’s actions to go into bat for the great marine mammals are admirable, it is almost a complete inverse of Australia’s inability to join with the Europeans to push the USA to ratify Kyoto and for Australia to accept mandatory reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as required under the Kyoto Protocol.

“Climate change affects all animals, particularly marine animals who will be forced to contend with changing ocean temperatures and possibly reduced food-stock” said Climate Justice campaigner Stephanie Long.

“We need Senator Campbell to show as much support for multi-lateral binding commitments to respond to climate change as he is doing for the protection of whales.”

“Australia needs Senator Campbell to go into bat for Kyoto as strongly as his is for the International Whaling Commission.”

“If the Australian government was genuinely concerned about climate change, that would be taking a similar stance against the USA rather than siding with them outside of the Kyoto framework, as what the government is taking against Japan on the issue of commercial whaling” said Ms Long.


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