No Grazing in Alpine NP Good News

Government decision on grazing is good news for Victoria’s Alpine Parks

Friends of the Earth congratulates the Bracks government for its visionary decision to end grazing in Victoria’s Alpine National Park.

Cattle grazing in the park has been degrading some of the state’s most precious and endangered species and ecosystems and is an inappropriate land use in the fragile headwaters of some of our most significant river systems. The recent State Government Task Force review into grazing showed yet again that grazing does not reduce fire risk. The practice of high country grazing is subsidised by the public. With global warming becoming a reality, many high elevation areas will come under new environmental stresses. There are many compelling reasons to remove cattle from the Park.

We note the fact that grazing will continue in high elevation areas outside the Park. The government must ensure that existing problems with grazing are not simply pushed to other parts of the Victorian Alps. Many areas of high conservation value lie outside the Park system.

“We congratulate Premier Bracks, Environment Minister John Thwaites, and other members of the ALP involved in this historic decision” said campaigns co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth Cam Walker.

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