June 5, 2005 Today is World Environment Day, a day to celebrate our environment and the people around the world who care for it. Many of the great natural and cultural treasures that we enjoy today would not exist without the dedication of ordinary people who have joined together to achieve extraordinary things. Environment groups, large and small, have been central to these victories.

Whether we are working to save our local area or fighting for global change, we have in common a passion for the future. With that passion in mind we seek to present solutions.

We are united as the voice of the millions of Australians who care about the future of the planet and its people. We speak for those that cannot speak - the oceans and atmosphere, for the land, plants and animals, and for future generations. We will not be silenced.

Environment groups take pride in our record of bringing environmental truths to light. Where unjust and short-sighted laws block the way, we stand up to decision-makers. Those in power have shown they must regularly be reminded that a healthy environment is essential to a healthy economy and society.

The environment still faces new threats, some that could undo what we have already achieved. Especially climate change, which will affect almost every aspect of our natural environment and economy.

This World Environment Day, more than ever, the earth needs a voice and environment groups need your support.

Please write to the Prime Minister reminding him that Australians value our environment and the organisations that speak up for it, become a member of an environment group today, or donate to your favourite environment group ( ).

Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Conservation Western Australia

Conservation South Australia

Conservation Council of the South East Region and Canberra

Environment Victoria

Environment Centre of the Northern Territory

Queensland Conservation Council

Cairns & Far North Environment Centre

Environment Tasmania

Environs Kimberley

Climate Action Network Australia

National Toxics Network

Australian Marine Conservation Society

Friends of the Earth Australia

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

The Wilderness Society

The Australian Conservation Foundation