ALP Environment Spokesperson Opposes Nuclear Expansion

June 11, 2006

Friends of the Earth Australia welcomes ALP environment spokesman Anthony Albanese's statement that he will continue to push for a phase out of uranium mining once current contracts expire (ABC Sunday June 11).

Liberal Prime Minister John Howard’s call for an ‘unemotional’ debate on the uranium industry has been dominated by pro-industry popularism. It is refreshing to see a politician from a major party opposing expansion of the nuclear industry.

The irony is that Anthony Albanese’s refusal to be intimidated by popularism, industry bluster, dodgy quick fixes or false economics shows he is one of the few of the major party politicians who will stand by his convictions and not be swayed by emotional arguments.

The nuclear industry produces the most toxic materials known and is linked to the most destructive weapons ever invented. There is still no way to safely store the highly radioactive wastes that are produced. Even a doubling of current energy production from nuclear power would only reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 5%, at the cost of billions of dollars. It is common sense, not emotion, that says we should not be part of this industry.

The report: 'Nuclear Power: No Solution to Climate Change' can be found at: