Angry Batman locals target Martin Ferguson

January 25, 2006

ANGRY Darebin residents have launched a massive campaign to protest against Batman MP Martin Ferguson's support for increased uranium mining in Australia.

The Northern Anti Nuclear Alliance  "NANA" will hand-deliver 60,000 brochures to every Batman electorate home over the next week.

NANA spokeswoman Ila Marks said the group was formed by local residents outraged by Mr Ferguson's attempts to change the ALP's "no new uranium mines" policy.

"We're a group of locals who love living in Batman and want to keep it and Australia nuclear free," Ms Marks, a Thornbury resident, said.

"It's appalling that our own local MP is so out of step with his electorate and the Australian community. Recent polls clearly show most Australians oppose more uranium mining."

Ms Marks said the ALP's own policy recognised uranium mining presents "unprecedented hazards and risks" including threats to human health and the environment; toxic radioactive waste; and the potential for nuclear weapons manufacture.

"Instead of being a salesman for the toxic nuclear industry Martin Ferguson should be promoting clean and green energy options."

"Martin Ferguson needs to remember he was elected to represent us not the uranium mining industry which is dirty, dangerous and threatens the public, workers, indigenous rights and our environment."

The brochure 'He might be from Batman but he's no superhero' calls on Darebin residents to join the protest against Mr Ferguson's support for uranium expansion in Australia.

It has been produced with support from Friends of the Earth.

"NANA is here to remind residents that when you can't trust your politician you can always trust your nana."

Media Contacts:
Ila Marks Northern Anti Nuclear Alliance 0427 501 944
Michaela Stubbs Friends of the Earth Anti Nuclear Campaigner 0429 136 935