Australia's nuclear graveyard future with Ferguson

July 27, 2006

Labor resources spokesperson Martin Ferguson has once again shown the dangerous and short-sighted nuclear future he has in mind for Australia under his ‘cradle to grave’ plan.

Louise Morris from Friends of the Earth said: “Fergusons’ ‘cradle to grave’ vision for Australia as the worlds dumping ground for radioactive waste commits all Australians to exactly that”.

“From cradle to grave future generations of Australians for millennia to come will have to deal with a landscape of uranium mines and nuclear waste dumps scattered across the country.

“To lock us into a ‘cradle to grave’ future when Australia has an estimated 40% of the worlds known uranium underground, means that under this new plan, we would have about half the worlds known nuclear waste bound for Australia to have to deal with for the next quarter of a millennia at least.

“If Ferguson is prepared to relegate us to a nuclear waste dumping ground what else has he got in mind for us? Perhaps to revisit our shameful history as a nuclear weapons testing ground as well?

“Beazley and Ferguson are grossly underestimating the commitment of the Australian people in not allowing our country to be relegated to the worlds nuclear breeding and dumping ground.

“Ferguson has been pushing nuclear expansion inside the Labor Party for a while, and now he is pushing it on all of us - the Australian people will push back,” Ms Morris said.

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