Campbell leaves International talks with no trace of the \New Kyoto\

November 17, 2006

Senator Ian Campbell should be reflecting on the approach of the Australian government to climate change as he travels home from the International Climate Change negotiations in Nairobi.

“After much bravado and bragging about the great contribution Australia was going to make to advancing climate change talks, there is no trace of a 'New' Kyoto agreement,” said Stephanie Long of Friends of the Earth Australia.

“The International community has not been fooled by the hollow promises of the Australian government and negotiations have continued, as planned, on the existing Kyoto Protocol and its expansion after 2012. The Kyoto Protocol is still ‘the only game in town’ when it comes to a meaningful global response to climate change.”

“It is a great relief that the rest of the delegates in Nairobi have decided not to wait for what France today called the ‘late comers’ to join in the Kyoto Protocol.”

Negotiations in Nairobi have been able to progress a number of key issues on the agenda for this meeting, including:

  • Consensus on the operating principles of the Adaptation Fund under the Kyoto Protocol which in the future will deliver funds to the poorest vulnerable countries who are facing potentially devastating impacts of climate change. The final decisions of the management of the fund will be completed at the next meeting of the parties of the Kyoto Protocol.


  • Advancing discussion on a framework for reducing tropical deforestation in developing countries, after Papua New Guinea proposed this as a significant issue to be addressed in climate change talks late last year. Emissions from forest logging equates to around 20% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, indicating the significance of this work.
  • Finalising the conditions, issues and timelines for concluding negotiations on how Kyoto will operate in its second commitment period in post 2012. There is a high level of consensus that developed countries will take even more ambitious targets that current committed to, although exact targets are yet to be put on the table.


Stephanie Long has been observing the climate change negotiations in Nairobi for the past two weeks.


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