Conservationists board Woodchip Ship in bid to save native forests

July 25, 2006

Fifteen conservationists have entered Victoria’s largest export woodchip facility this morning, preventing the loading of a shipment of Victorian native forest woodchips bound for Japan.

The conservationists have ‘locked on’ to the conveyer belt and have boarded the ship.

Spokesperson Mark Tyler said, “The Bracks government must act by protecting native forests from the export woodchipping industry before it’s too late.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. These woodchips were once eastern Victoria’s precious native forests, our water catchments and homes to endangered wildlife such as the Sooty Owl and Tiger Quoll.”

Spokesperson, Danya Bryx said, “State Labor governments in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia have recently moved to protect large areas of forests, yet the Bracks government allows this needless destruction and export of our native forests for a pittance.”

“Sawmills across eastern Victoria cannot even get quality sawlogs, yet here they are in their thousands bound for Japan as woodchips.”

“It is time the Bracks government responded to community sentiment and protected these irreplaceable forests.”

Further comment contact Mark Tyler:0409 233 589 & Lauren Caulfield: 0412656017
On the Wharf: Danya Bryx: 0421 931 065