Friends Of The Earth Launched In Adelaide!

February 17, 2006

Adelaide is once again part of the world’s biggest environmental and social justice network. Friends of the Earth (FoE) is being launched in South Australia with a particular focus on promoting sustainable, socially and ecologically conscious technologies as an alternative to the nuclear industry.

FoE Adelaide will also be linking up with local and national groups to support Indigenous communities adversely affected by the uranium industry, as well as continuing to raise public awareness around nuclear issues and monitoring the activities of the nuclear industry.

“It’s really exciting that South Australia once again has a place in the grassroots federation of organisations that constitutes FoE Australia again. Friends of the Earth has been a major player in some huge environmental successes,” said FoE Adelaide campaigner Sophie Green.

In part due to FoE pressure, Olympic Dam uranium mine owners BHP Billiton have just committed to a $300 million desalination plant rather than extract up to 120 million additional litres of water a day from the Great Artesian Basin as part of a planned expansion. This victory for the Great Artesian Basin comes after 20 years of sustained pressure from local and national environment and Indigenous groups.

In recent years FoE has also worked with the Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta – a senior Indigenous women’s council - to successfully halt the proposed national radioactive waste dump in northern SA, and supported the Mirrar in their campaign against the Jabiluka uranium mine. Nationally, Friends of the Earth’s Climate Justice campaign has been crucial in raising awareness about the growing human cost of climate change. Globally, it
remains a strong voice for justice and human rights in the face of often devastating corporate globalisation.

“I think Friends of the Earth is quite unique in that it links social justice with environmental sustainability. We believe that the needs of people and the earth are intricately connected, so by protecting the earth we ensure the survival and wellbeing of future generations,” said Joel Catchlove.

“Back in 1972, Adelaide was the first city in Australia to form a Friends of the Earth group. It’s been wonderful how many people have thrown their support behind the organisation becoming active in South Australia again,” said Sophie Green.

Initiated by FoE in 2003, Adelaide’s Campaign Against Nuclear Dumping (CAND) has now become the FoE Clean Futures Collective. It will continue the CAND tradition of working for clean and creative alternatives to the nuclear industry.

To contact FoE Adelaide, phone Sophie Green 0422 487 219 or Joel Catchlove 0403 886 951. The Clean Futures Collective meets each Tuesday, 5.30pm at the Conservation Centre, 120 Wakefield St.