Gala Performance: Miss Management and Scott Free How Bracks beats the rap in Red Gum Forests

October 10, 2006

Environmentalists will stage a slap-stick circus performance for Premier Bracks today, in which beauty pageant winner Miss Management plays the government’s star red gum forest manager. Scott Free will be on hand to wipe away cases of illegal logging blunders with his trusty internal inquiries.

“Illegal logging blunders have become commonplace in the Barmah Forest, and yet all we get from the Bracks government are inquiries recommending more inquiries – it’s farcical,” said Friends of Earth Spokesperson Jonathan La Nauze.

“Our red gum forests are being mismanaged by a reckless department, and the Bracks government seems reluctant to reign them in,” said Mr La Nauze.

Friends of the Earth have been urging the Environment Minister to meet them regarding the management of red gum forests, but he has failed to respond.

“Our red gum forests can’t wait for another breach and another inquiry – Bracks must protect these forests from logging now,” said Mr La Nauze.

Contact: Jonathan La Nauze 0402 904 251 or email [email protected]