Global Call For Peace In The Middle-East

August 09, 2006

Friends Of The Earth Australia
Association Of World Citizens

Peace groups and parliamentarians from around the world have come together in an appeal for peace in the Middle East. The appeal for peace, faxed yesterday from Sydney to the UN Security Council, calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities. The appeal was coordinated by Friends of the Earth in conjunction with the Association of World Citizens.

The appeal argues forcefully that there are no military solutions to the problems of the middle east and that even if an apparent victory over Hezbollah were possible in the short term which it possibly is not, Israel's security will be in no way improved. An immediate cessation of hostilities and negotiation between the two sides is therefore the only option available.

Failure to solve the problems of the Middle East, the appeal argues, could be catastrophic, leading to escalation and even the possible use of nuclear weapons.

The appeal says the Middle East should become a nuclear-weapons free zone, including Israel.

The appeal has been signed by NGOs from around the world, notably from Australia, the UK, India, Japan, France, Belgium the Netherlands, Brazil, Korea, and the US.

Contact: John Hallam Friends of the Earth Australia (Sydney Aust) 61-2-9810-2598, 61-2-9319-4296

Doug Mattern, Association of World Citizens,(San Fran, US) 1-650 326 1409






Contact John Hallam Ph61-2-9810-2598 [email protected]




Dear Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Israel, Ambassadors, and Foreign Ministers of the Security Council, and Leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah: The undersigned individuals and organisations appeal to you to immediately cease hostilities in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip and to commence negotiations leading to a just diplomatic and political solution to the problems of the Middle East. We appeal to all parties in this crisis to abide by all UN resolutions, including Israel to leave occupied land and Hezbollah to be disarmed.

The pursuit of a military solution to problems created by an overwhelming perception of injustice to non-Israelis could result in Hezbollah actually being strengthened, with hostility to Israel vastly magnified. Moreover, this hostility is on the rise worldwide due to the massive bombing in Lebanon in which civilians are the vast majority of victims and the infrastructure of the country is being ruined. This is unacceptable to the world community. Condemnation is also directed to Hezbollah for directing missiles on towns and villages in Israel. Bombing and missiles on civilian targets creates a savage condition that guarantees increased hostility and hatred.

A project to destroy Hezbollah or other opposing forces by military means is unrealistic in the long-term, and most likely would achieve the opposite effect. Similarly, we urge leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah to understand that efforts to destroy the State of Israel cannot succeed, and statements to that effect must be ended if negotiations to end the conflict and improve the lives of people in the entire region are to succeed.

The current policies to address the problems in the Middle East are, in our view, terribly inadequate, mired in the past, and self-defeating. We urge you to cease hostilities immediately and to commence a process of negotiation towards a just solution, including the assurance that the Middle East becomes a nuclear weapons free zone. A rapid decision to proceed with diplomacy rather than force would be welcomed by the entire world community, and it could be an important milestone on the journey to liberation from the violence of the past and the present terror of modern weapons. On the other side, failure to solve this problem and a continuation of violence poses the terrible risk of escalation that could include even the possibility of nuclear strikes. Such possibilities, coupled with rhetoric of mutual threats, are horrifying. Talk of mutual threats between Israel and Iran is dangerous in the extreme and must cease. We urge you to seize this historic opportunity, and we look forward to your early response.


International organisations: Pol D'Huyvetter, Friends of the Earth Flanders/For Mother Earth

Doug Mattern, Association of World Citizens, San Francisco,

Dr Mary Wynne-Asford, Past Co-President, IPPNW,

Colin Archer Secy General International Peace Bureau, Geneva

Bruce K. Gagnon Coordinator, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space,

Yumi Kikuchi, Founder, Global Peace Campaign

Kinhide MUSHAKOJI, Vice Chair, International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IKADR), Tokyo, Japan

Steve Leeper, Mayors for Peace,

United States

Bill Smirnow, Nuclear-Free New York, Huntingdon, NY, USA, Diane C. Beeny, Co-Chair, Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance Committee Westfield, New Jersey United States of America


Langeland Hallgeir MP, Norway,

Barbara Brädefors, Swedish Peace Committee, Stockholm, Sweden

Bo Normander, The Social-Liberal Party, Denmark,


Ak Malten, Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance, The Hague, Netherlands.

Frank Slijper, Campagne tegen Wapenhandel (Dutch Campaign against Arms Trade), Groningen, Netherlands


Antonio Macias, Eqipo Nizkor, Belgium,

Prof. H. Firket, IPPNW Belgian branch Liège, Belgium


Jean-Marie Matagne, President of ACDN (Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire), France,

Jean Louis Delpuech, Médecin conseil à la Sécurité Sociale à Montpellier, membre du Parti Socialiste

Patrick Chapus, Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine et du Cadre de Vie dr Solerieux, Fr,

JOLY Jacques President of ADFE-Francais du Monde of West Japan


John Johansen-Berg, Chair, Fellowship of Reconciliation ( England) Founder of the Community for Reconciliation. (based in England)

Peter Cadogan, London Alliance for Local Democracy

Jill Stallard, National Secretary, CND Cymru, UK,

Anna Cheetham, Co-Chair, Leicester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament,

Michael Sackin, Leicester, UK Jews for Justice for Palestinians,

Angie Zelter, Reforest the Earth, UK

Bob Ball, Leicester Green Party, Leicester, UK,

John Asher, Chair, Amnesty International Blackburn with Darwen Local Group, Yorks, UK,

Peter Cook, MP, Westminster

Paul Flynn MP, Westminster,


Sergey Kolesnikov, MP, Member Russian Duma, Deputy Chair Cttee for Eeducation and Science, Vice-President IPPNW, Moscow, Russia


Ansar Burney, Advocate / Chairman; Ansar Burney Trust International Karachi, Pakistan

Wilfred Dcosta, General Secretary Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF), India

Sukla Sen EKTA, (Committee for Communal Amity) Mumbai, India,

Ammu Abraham Director, Women's Centre, Mumbai India

Apoorv Anand, Reader, Department of Hindi, University of Delhi, Editor and Columnist, Delhi, India.

Amitadyuti Kumar, Association for the Protection of Democratic Rights, Hoogly, West Bengal,

Shabnam Hashmi, Member, National Integration Council, India,


Fernando de Souza Barros, Emeritus Prof -University of Rio de Janeiro., Pugwash Council member, Brazil,

Rachel Moreno - Observatório da Mulher - Brazil

Dr. Dina Lida Kinoshita, UNESCO Chair, Education for Peace, Human Rights, Democracy and Tolerance, BRASIL,

South Africa

Terry Crawford-Browne, Economists Allied For Arms Reduction--South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa


Dr Ron Mc Coy, Chair, Malaysian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War


Kim Hye-Jeong, Secretary General, KFEM-FoE Korea, South Korea

Lee Yu Jin, Director, Green Korea United,

Eun-jin Park Korean Women's Environmental Network


Marion Hancock, The Peace Foundation (Aotearoa/New Zealand)


John Hallam, Friends of the Earth Australia

Irene Gale, Australian Peace Committee, Doreen Borrow, South Coast Australian Peace Committee,

Cameron Schraner, People for Nuclear Disarmament NSW Australia,

Margaret Reynolds, Past President, United Nations Association of Australia,

Bishop Pat Power, Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, NSW Aust,

Anne Deveson, Author, Clovelly, NSW,

Rita Sofea Warliegh, International Volunteers for Peace, Surry Hills, NSW, Project Safe/Com Narrogin/Fremantle, Western Australia,

The Anti Nuclear Alliance of WA

Dean Jeffreys, Byron Bay Peace Group,

Rob Wesley-Smith, Australians for a Free East Timor, Darwin, NT, Australia,

Jo Errey, Marrickville Peace Group, NSW,

Nicola Paris, Fremantle Anti Nuclear group (FANG),

John Lesses, Treasurer, Greek Workers Educational Association of SA "Platon"

Senator Lyn Allison, Australian Democrats,

Senator Andrew Bartlett, Australian Democrats,

Senator Natasha Stott- Despoja, Australian Democrats,

Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens, W.A.,

Jill Hall MHR

Lee Rhiannon MLC Greens, NSW,