Modern Midas Men and the Threat of Cyanide

April 13, 2006

Wiradjuri Traditional Owners supported by the Indigenous Justice Advocacy Network, the Coalition to Protect Lake Cowal, Rainforest Information Centre,, Friends of the Earth and environmental and human right supporters around Australia will be converging on Lake Cowal for Rain Corroboree this Easter Weekend, 14-17 April.

Rain Corroboree is a call to action to highlight the desecration of a culturally and environmentally significant wetland in central western NSW by a cyanide-leaching gold mine. The camp for Rain Corroboree will be set up on the edge of the mine site which is owned and operated by the worlds largest gold producer, Canadian company, Barrick Gold,

“Every aspect of this contentious gold mine is linked with environmental racism and corporate greed”, stated Natalie Lowrey, National Liaison Officer of Friends of the Earth Australia.

“Barrick and their predecessors have not properly consulted with Aboriginal traditional owners from the region and the sanctity of this internationally important, sacred and ecologically significant site is under increasing threat from further desecration now the mine is open”

“Supporters of the campaign to Protect Lake Cowal will be converging at Easter on the edge of the lake for a cultural camp in support of Traditional Owners who have been fighting Barrick in the court for the past 5 years and to oppose the use of cyanide in gold mining in NSW”

“Rain Corroboree will include dance, song, workshops and actions at the mine.”, says Ms Lowrey

Barrick started official operations at the Lake Cowal gold mine last Thursday (6th April). This was in conjunction with the State Government's release of the cyanide transportation route from Gladstone, Qld to Lake Cowal 1,600 km away in NSW.

Cyanide Watch, the direct action campaign to bear road-side witness of the transportation of cyanide will also be launched at the gates of Barrick's mine at Easter. Cyanide Watch will be travelling along the proposed cyanide route to launch community awareness and support along the way.

'What is a definition of a gold mine?
A hole in the ground owned by a liar.'
Mark Twain

Natalie Lowrey
0415 199 638 (at Lake Cowal)
0431 194 083

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