Water catchment logging operations shutdown

September 25, 2006

Thirty conservationists have shut down logging operations in the Goongerah township water catchment east of Melbourne.

Logging operations have been halted by three tree platforms suspended in the canopy, as well as a tripod stopping access to the forest in which logging was taking place.

Spokesperson Lauren Caulfield said, ‘It is ludicrous that we have to physically stop logging to protect our water catchments when water restrictions are in force across most of the state. Logging in water catchments reduces water supply by up to fifty percent!”

Logging is planned for Melbourne’s water catchments from December 1, just days after the state election.
‘Victoria is two months away from a state election, where water and old growth forest logging will be major issues, yet Premier Bracks refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the corner that is logging of our water catchments. Instead we are saddled with increasing water restrictions and the destruction continues.’

“The Bracks government has fallen behind all other mainland states who have protected significant water catchment and old growth forest areas.” It’s time both Premier Bracks and Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu announced that they will protect water catchments from logging before the November poll.”

“Most Victorians are appalled that old growth forests and water catchments are being destroyed for woodchips. Every day the equivalent to 18 MCG’s are cleared. Premier Steve Bracks must act to protect old growth forests and water catchments for future generations.” she concluded.

For media comment contact: On site at the Forest Rescue – trunk ph: 5133 7077 then wait for dialtone then dial 838 4620.
Lauren Caulfield – Goongerah - ph: 03 5154 0174
Louise Morris – Melbourne – mob: 0408 667 100 ph: 03 9419 8700